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Kristof hails from Medford, Massachusetts by way of Budapest, Hungary and lots of places in between. When he's not busy running the TurningArt web site he stays in shape playing squash, frisbee, and backgammon. The son of a philosopher, he's also in charge of keeping the team on an even keel through the startup roller coaster with a steady supply of aphorisms.
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4 Ways That Office Artwork Improves Developer Productivity

Posted by Kristof Redei

This is the sight that greeted me each morning at my last job. OK, I occasionally pinned up a wrinkled photo of my family Christmas celebration or a score sheet from the last company laser tag outing. (We were all manhandled by our accountant – we called her the "Death Dealer.") Even so, it didn't do much to ease me into the “flow state” needed to craft some solid code.

At TurningArt, the cubes are gone in favor of an open floor plan, with twelve people sitting in one room of a converted hair salon. Keeping the foot jacuzzis probably would have sent my productivity through the roof, but although that wasn't possible, I still feel a lot more engaged than I used to. Part of the reason is that we practice what we preach. Every employee at TurningArt has control over the office artwork in their vicinity and can change it up whenever they want.

Software engineers, like all knowledge workers, are happier and more productive when our work environment inspires us to put in maximum effort every day. The artwork in our immediate vicinity can have a big effect on that, in several different ways.

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