BREAKING NEWS: Artist ACTUALLY Makes Lots of Money

David Choe is a darling of the young, street-wise art scene. His dark, gritty compositions and filthy mouth have gained him some notoriety, enough so that a young business man asked him to do some art in his new Palo Alto office space.

Back in 2005,  then Facebook president Sean Parker took a shine to Choe and his work, and commissioned him to do some murals in the Facebook office space. Back then money was tight for the fledgling company, so Parker offered Choe the choice between cash and stock in the start-up. Choe picked the stock, and 7 years later he could very soon be worth upwards of $200 million.

David hasn’t made any statements regarding the windfall, but I just hope that the money doesn’t cause him to stop making art or start being boring. I’ve been a fan of David Choe for a little while now, mostly because that dude has a FILTHY mouth, but also because he is so incredibly free with his thoughts and opinions. He does and says whatever he wants, and I can’t help but wonder if having a whole lot to lose will change his life in ways he didn’t expect.