Art at Work: Building a Better Collaborative Office Culture

As innovation drives the world forward, it’s crucial to ensure that your office keeps pace with the evolving needs of your employees. One critical aspect that influences how people, specifically your employees, perceive their surroundings is design. 

Design plays a crucial role in creating an environment that fosters connection and collaboration– essential elements that individuals seek in a workplace. Artwork, in particular, can have a significant impact on attracting employees and enhancing workplace engagement. By carefully selecting and incorporating artwork into your design, you can create an atmosphere that promotes creativity and productivity while also boosting employee satisfaction and retention.

Facilitates Employee Connection

Artwork in the office has the ability to facilitate connection, ultimately promoting creativity and socialization. A 2021 study by the Harvard Graduate School of Education found that exposure to art can stimulate creativity and innovative thinking, which are highly beneficial in a workplace environment where problem-oriented thinking and brainstorming are essential skills. Artwork also can act as a conversation starter, providing employees with common topics to discuss; a fact that can create social connection among team members.

Furthermore, art in the office can be a valuable way to promote learning and personal growth, among employees. According to the National Endowment for the Arts, groups engaging in art workshops score significantly higher than control groups on recall, problem-solving, and discussion-based tasks, suggesting that art can help create a more self-satisfied and informed workforce. By integrating art into the office space, employers can foster an environment that encourages creativity, curiosity, and a deeper appreciation of all cultures, all of which can lead to more productive and fulfilling employee experiences.

Enhances Workplace Experience

The presence of art in the office can also significantly enhance overall workplace satisfaction for employees. A recent CBRE study shows that employees who work in spaces with art report higher levels of happiness and engagement at work. Additionally, in a study conducted by International Art Consultants, 94% of employees agreed that art makes the workplace feel both more welcoming and conducive to engagement. Art can create a more visually appealing and stimulating workspace, which can in turn boost employee morale. 

Moreover, the presence of art has been linked to lower turnover rates. A study by The American Society of Interior Designers finds that attractive design increased employees’ place attachment scores by 69%. When employees feel more engaged at work, they are more likely to remain with their current employer, also reducing turnover costs. A visually appealing workplace with art can contribute to a positive work environment, leading to increased loyalty among team members.

Promotes Stress Relief

A strategically-curated art collection can create a comforting and welcoming environment, making employees feel more at ease in the office, and improving their overall well-being. Research by the National Arts Program has shown that art can reduce potential stress and anxieties, providing a sense of calm in the workplace. In fact, in a collaborative survey by the Business Committee for the Arts, Inc. and the International Association for Professional Art Advisors, 78% of respondents agreed that art in the workplace reduced their overall stress.

Increases Productivity

Art can contribute to increased productivity in the workplace by creating an engaging environment, as evidenced by a study from Capital One which found that 90% of employees perform better in well-designed workplaces.

Attracts Employees

Art in the office can also play a role in attracting top talent. A 2022 report by CBRE has shown that job seekers pay attention to their physical environment when evaluating potential employers and that an office with art can be seen as a positive indicator of the company's values and culture. Art can also be used as a tool in employer branding, showcasing the company's commitment to creating a pleasant and engaging work environment.

How TurningArt Can Help

TurningArt understands what it takes to create an engaged and happy community - especially one at work. Our knowledgeable Art Advisors curate stunning and meaningful collections with the intention of boosting employee morale, creativity, and productivity. We strive to elevate your team’s experience through a comprehensive understanding of your office culture and its needs. 

TurningArt provides office spaces with a vast collection of contemporary artwork that can either be purchased or rented on a rotating basis, consistently engaging present and potential employees. We are proud to offer a dynamic service for offices that cultivates teamwork and connection. 


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