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Artist Spotlight

In Studio: Elizabeth Chapman

Elizabeth Chapman describes herself as an abstract expressionist painter. Creating complex compositions through layers of paint, Elizabeth's works are...

Artist Spotlight

In Studio: Barbara Cooper

Barbara Cooper always begins her creative process in nature, finding inspiration in the way natural forms respond and adapt to the obstacles they conf...

Artist Spotlight

In Studio: Hollis Brown Thornton

H ollis Brown Thornton’s artwork takes images of the past, from pop culture to family photos, and breaks them down to explore concepts of memory, chan...

Artist Spotlight

In Studio: Vicky Barranguet

If you ask Vicky Barranguet about how she paints, she’ll tell you it’s a lot like jazz. Improvisational, physical, and expressive, Vicky’s abstracts a...

Artist Spotlight

In Studio: Willy Bo Richardson

 At his studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Willy Bo Richardson is in his element. Stretching bright swathes of paint across broad canvas, Willy builds hi...