What Your Office Artwork Communicates to your Clients

Office artwork has a proven track record of increasing employee productivity and building company culture, but it also influences another group: your clients. Art provides an opportunity to communicate your company’s message beyond what can be done through speaking and writing. It paints a picture of your company’s mission, its aspirations, and its history. To truly impress and retain clients, office art must be considered.

In fact, a survey of 800 businesses with art collections discovered that, in addition to boosting employee morale, art collections improve a company’s public image. So how exactly does office art do this? 


office artworkIt shows the company cares

The first step in improving your company’s public image is by showing you take pride in it. Choosing artwork that is reflective of your mission demonstrates this immediately to clients visiting your space. After all, a clean and well-organized space only goes so far. Artwork proves that a company cares about its own people and like the classic expression, “you must love yourself before you can love others,” iterates – it’ll show that your company is ready to care for your clients as well. 

Similarly, Victor Lipman, a workplace productivity writer argues that displaying artwork is an exercise in seeking returns on environment, rather than investment: “That to me is what having art in the workplace is really about.  It’s less about aesthetics and more about pride in one’s environment.  It shows management cares enough about the employee experience – and the customer experience – to have a thoughtfully maintained facility that people feel good about working in. Which to me is where Return on Environment starts becoming tangible.  Employees want to feel good about where they work.  They want their physical location to be a source of pride. Pride motivates.  And that’s good business.”


It spurs conversation

People connect with artwork because it often conjures up memories or transports a viewer into a different place and time that wouldn’t ordinarily be reached through day-to-day interactions. Art can spur unique conversation with clients and help companies learn more about their background, goals and experience. When clients are able to let their guard down and reflect upon the environment within your workspace, you’re likely to begin communicating on a deeper level.


It better represents your brand

way_above_the_atmoshpere“Art is as important in the business world as it is in one’s personal world, and for the same reasons. In a business space, the artwork helps shape the company’s unique style, spirit, and character, and convey that character to employees, partners, clients, and prospective clients in much the same way that one’s business attire conveys one’s personal style and professionalism,” says Linda Cordair of Quent Cordair Fine Art Gallery. We couldn’t agree more.

External branding efforts like marketing collateral, logos, public relations efforts all describe your company to outsiders, but when you’re bringing clients into your space, you need to match that level of intimacy with your branding. Having the right artwork on your walls will speak louder than any of the words that your clients may have read before.

For example, a company that is rapidly expanding may choose artwork reflective of their humble roots and the community from which they originated. This would tell one piece of their history. A company like this may also choose to project their goals and mission with artwork, perhaps including pieces in the collection that illustrate where they’ve expanded or how they’ve done so. Was their growth calculated and methodical? Was it rapid and innovative? Artwork can tell their story and help their clients relate, while setting expectations.


If you’re interested in learning more about the other benefits artwork can have in your office, such as increasing employee productivity, extending company culture and helping with recruitment, take a look at our eBook below, or feel free to reach out to one of our Art Consultants!


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