How Lobby Art Can Support Tenant Retention

Commercial real estate companies face a unique challenge when it comes to the presentation of their lobby. The space serves as the crucial first impression for tenants, clients, and visitors and must meet their evolving expectations. It must be distinctive, attractive, and luxurious: drawing people in and encouraging them to engage with it.

Conventionally, lobbies have functioned as transient spaces designed for brief encounters. However, an article published by CoreNet Global discusses a recent shift in this dynamic: building owners are now realizing the untapped potential of these areas to nurture and retain their tenants while attracting new business:

“... there are plenty of opportunities to infuse properties with new life – especially for those willing to radically rethink the lobby as a catalyst to tenant engagement and community connectivity…” 
-Ian Reves, Managing Director at Interior Architects 

Create Engaging Spaces

Offering amenities in the lobby can encourage tenants and visitors to spend time in the space, bringing vibrancy and setting it apart from other properties. Creating such engaging spaces involves cultivating an atmosphere that promotes connection and conversation.

However, in this new era of building management and tenant occupation, avoiding permanent building amenities with high upfront costs remains crucial. Instead, building owners should seek innovative ways to provide dynamic lobby experiences at a lower cost - such as with curated art and design programs. By curating a collection of art specifically designed for the building, CRE developers can easily ignite tenant engagement and conversation.

Rotate Artwork

Artwork is often considered in the planning process of any commercial property, but over time, the originally selected art can start to lose its appeal and blend into the background. It becomes more of an artifact than a statement piece.

TurningArt's rotating artwork programming addresses this stagnation issue by periodically refreshing the collection. This ensures ongoing engagement with the art and the space and prevents the interior design from becoming stale. 

Tenants desire a sense of connection to their space and a personal relationship with the property itself. With TurningArt’s team vote tool, you can extend the artwork selection process beyond just the property owners, and invite those who interact with the space regularly to give their opinion about upcoming art rotation. Imagine a rotating gallery wall in the lobby, featuring pieces selected by the tenants themselves. This approach not only draws attention but also sparks conversations within the space, especially when enjoyed over a coffee with other occupants. Art creates a dynamic atmosphere that resonates with the individuals who interact with it regularly.
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Install a Focal Piece

Have you ever scrolled through your social media feeds and recognized a photo’s location solely by the number of similar pictures taken at the same spot? Social media has become an invaluable tool for companies because it allows them to leverage artwork as a free and eye-catching way to advertise to a large audience without incurring traditional marketing costs. 

As referenced in an article from BisNow, many properties have recognized this opportunity by creating focal pieces on or inside their properties that encourage interaction and photo-taking. As these images of the artwork naturally circulate across social media platforms, they generate positive awareness for the artist and the property that commissioned the work. 

Distinctive interactive artwork installations inject vibrancy into a space, promoting socialization while serving as a form of awareness-building. They create an engaging and visually appealing environment that captures the attention of visitors and encourages them to share their experiences online.

Host an Art Event

A lobby that consistently offers captivating events plays a crucial role in maintaining a property’s relevance and ensuring ongoing excitement about the space. Hosting unique experiences in the lobby, such as a live painting event by a local artist, can be an excellent way to bring the community together and foster connectivity. 

By doing so, the property fosters community awareness and also establishes a reputation for giving back. If you’re interested, you can explore TurningArt's recently published blog post highlighting a live painting event at the Silverline Center in Virginia. The event served as a fun and effective method to bring tenants together to build community at the property.

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Transforming your lobby from a transitional space into a bustling hub of activity and connection doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag or excessive resource allocation. In fact, most of the suggestions mentioned above are cost-effective and relatively low-maintenance.

With TurningArt, the entire process becomes turnkey; we handle everything from curation through to the installation in your space. 

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