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Artist Spotlight

In Studio: Barbara Cooper

Barbara Cooper always begins her creative process in nature, finding inspiration in the way natural forms respond and adapt to the obstacles they conf...

Artist Spotlight

In Studio: Hollis Brown Thornton

Hollis Brown Thornton’s artwork takes images of the past, from pop culture to family photos, and breaks them down to explore concepts of memory, chang...

Artist Spotlight

In Studio: Vicky Barranguet

If you ask Vicky Barranguet about how she paints, she’ll tell you it’s a lot like jazz. Improvisational, physical, and expressive, Vicky’s abstracts a...

Artist Spotlight

In Studio: Willy Bo Richardson

 At his studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Willy Bo Richardson is in his element. Stretching bright swathes of paint across broad canvas, Willy builds hi...