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Art & Company Culture

Boost your team's morale with these 4 convenient services

My clients are often surprised to learn that we at TurningArt can handle an entire corporate art outfit remotely. And even though I enjoy touring spac...

Art & Company Culture

4 Essential Steps To Creating a Healthier Workplace

We’ve all seen the headline “Sitting Is the New Smoking.” Last year, the Los Angeles Times published an interview with Dr. James Levine, director of t...

Art & Company Culture

6 Ways to Dramatically Improve Company Culture

You’ve probably heard hiring managers, startup founders, and office managers talk about company culture. Maybe you’ve talked about it yourself. As com...

Art & Company Culture

3 Employer Branding Tips for Hiring Top Talent

        Recruiting is a forefront concern for companies of any size, and building a well-tuned recruitment strategy is now more essential than ever. I...

Art for Offices Art & Company Culture

How to Create an Office Environment Like Facebook

We recently caught wind of a big expansion in Facebook’s new Cambridge, Massachusetts, office. At TurningArt, we’ve always had a lot of respect for th...

Art for Offices Art & Company Culture

How to Inspire Millennials Through Office Artwork and Design

The Millennial generation makes up over a third of today’s workforce, and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that by 2020 they will account...