Digital Artwork Designed to Promote a Positive Tenant Experience

The Project

Located directly along the desirable Spear Street Corridor in San Francisco's South Financial District, just a block from the waterfront, 150 Spear Street provides its tenants with an unparalleled location that offers direct access to public transportation and restaurants. 

Being a 270,000 square foot building, the 150 Spear Street team, Walnut Hill Group, and JLL knew they wanted to offer a wayfinding solution in the lobby for the building’s tenants and guests. With TurningArt’s recent partnership with Touchsource, the team was able to provide a high-end wayfinding solution while simultaneously creating a large scale digital art installation.

From Becky, the Art Advisor

“The screens in 150 Spear’s lobby are a large focal point of the reception area, so for this project, it was crucial to pick art that would deliver the appropriate energy to the space. Our priority was to use the rotational aspect of digital artwork to create an engaging experience throughout the day for the tenants. The artworks are programmed to rotate three times a day, and then refresh each week. For example, each week the day starts with a morning artwork that is usually a bright, positive, and upbeat piece. Around noon, the art changes to a higher energy piece with more personality, and bolder colors. Then at 5 pm the art changes again. The evening artwork selections are intended to bring an "after hours" experience to the lobby and are the most imaginative since they will be seen by tenants on their way home for the day. In this particular building, when the sunsets, the digital artwork is visible from the sidewalk so passersby are also intended to see the evening art rotation."

From Jim Osburn, JLL Senior General Manager
“Our large reception screen from Touchsource offered us a unique opportunity to display beautiful, cutting edge, work from local digital artists that might not otherwise have been placed in our space. Focusing on local artwork aligned well with TurningArt's mission so Becky and I were easily able to select works that fit cohesively into the overall design of the space. Not only does the artwork elevate the visual appeal of our main entrance and highlight the wayfinding information, it also makes our tenant’s daily experience that much better. I couldn’t be more proud of the way we are pushing the boundaries of modern digital artwork in CRE with the help of TurningArt and Touchsource."
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