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The Project

Lincoln International is an achievement-oriented investment bank—tirelessly focused on helping clients pursue their goals while internally vested in supporting both individual and collective success and growth. They bring creativity, tenacity, and entrepreneurialism into everything they do by leveraging their diverse backgrounds and tight connections. TurningArt collaborated with Lincoln in order to visually convey their vibrant culture.

From Becca, the Art Advisor

"TurningArt worked closely with Lincoln International to select over 60 unique artworks to create a warm, inviting, and dynamic art collection for their new Chicago office. At the heart of their extensive artwork collection are two custom commissions that were created specifically to align with Lincoln’s company culture and values of growth, collaboration, integrity, and timelessness. Upon entrance, you are welcomed by these two strikingly beautiful pieces that draw you into the space - encouraging you to explore their complex and mesmerizing lines that create the illusion of energy in motion."

From Tara Bishop, Office Manager - North America

"In an effort to highlight Lincoln International's global presence, each conference room was named after a city home to a Lincoln International office. Becca was able to curate artwork for the conference rooms that perfectly celebrated each city, whether through stunning photography or more abstract interpretations of the city's ambiance, color stories, and symbolism. This instance was just one of many reasons why working with Becca was a true pleasure. From the start, it was clear that I could put my full trust in her to complete the project beautifully."

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