Art That Evolves with Design at Aycock & Company

The Project

As an established accounting firm in Houston, Aycock and Company’s goal was to add thoughtful finishing touches to their beautifully designed new office space. With 175 years of experience and earned client-trust, it was important to take just as much care with the artwork selections as with the renovation itself.

As part of the firm’s new office redesign, most of the interior walls are glass, so the art in the individual offices is always visible; therefore, cohesion was an important note to hit. With ever-changing design trends in mind, TurningArt created a collection that complements their current space, but can easily evolve with them.

From Becky, the Art Advisor

"Working on this project with Keri, one of the firm’s CPAs, made for a fun and exciting collaboration. We knew right away that it was important that we modernize, while ensuring that the space would still feel like their own when we were done.

Lease and rotation artwork programs are an especially good fit in this instance, because it allows for a little experimenting, without the commitment of purchasing.  

The opportunity to rotate art gives Aycock and Company the ability to fully dictate their office aesthetic. Our service allows them to discover a different look and continually provide a new, engaging experience for their regular clientele who visit their space year after year."

From Keri, CPA

“Once we finished our complete office redesign, I was elected to lead the search for office artwork. When we connected with TurningArt, I knew we had found the right provider because of their flexible art offerings and their ability to listen to my vision for the space. We knew we wanted modern, sleek, and colorful artwork to help compliment the renovation, and Becky supplied us with a well-curated set of options.

The rotational aspect of TurningArt’s service was another big attraction. The pieces we selected are wonderful, but we are still developing our new space, so TurningArt allows us to explore new art options and keep our office feeling fresh and visually up to date for years to come."

To see more of TurningArt's work on-site, head over to our installation gallery. To learn more about our programs, set up a free consultation with an Art Advisor here!

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