Elevating Interior Design through Elegant Abstract Art

The Project

TurningArt recently partnered with Balbec Capital, a global private investment firm, to provide artwork that would help warm their beautifully designed, neutral space and match the firm's brand colors.

From Becca, the Art Advisor

The artwork for Balbec Capital perfectly complements their very well-appointed space. The walnut desks, taupe carpets, cocoa-colored hardwood floors, and bronze finishes provide a discerning backdrop to the organic abstract artworks. We chose pieces that highlighted the company’s brand colors, a spectrum of blues, and finished each artwork off with a gold frame that gave the space an additional elegant touch. The final result looks so impressive; a visual testament to Balbec Capital’s success.

From Monal Patel, Operations Manager

"I’d been looking around for art for a few months before finding TurningArt so already had a good sense of what I wanted our collection to look like but no easy way of executing my vision. Working with Becca was such a rewarding experience. We quickly synced on the feeling that we wanted the art to give the space and Becca was able to find us some beautiful abstract pieces that perfectly amplified the refined and sophisticated feel of our office."


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