Elegant Artistry: An Up-close Perspective

Law firm Barnes & Thornburg recently relocated to The District Center, an elegant building in Washington DC. A richly appointed space, their office needed a perfectly curated selection of artwork that would provide visual interest to the interior without competing with the existing modern architectural design.

From Erin, the Art Advisor 

"I love this collection because it is gorgeous from afar, but up close is where you can experience the true magic of the work. There is so much textural intrigue and depth to each artwork that perfectly complements the shimmery metallic accent walls and gold and silver finishes. 

In my opinion, the highlight of this collection is the 3D wall sculpture that greets you as you enter. The artwork consists of hundreds of individually foam-cast rocks that the artist collected from walking on the beach every day. These stones beautifully flow across the reception wall in an intriguing wave-like manner. Each rock is hand-painted or dipped in a variety of chalky blues, grays, and greens with a center vein of gold running the length of the piece. Despite the visual power of this piece, it doesn't compete with the other finishes of the space and instead only elevates the luxurious interior design."

From Jo Jo Ruby, the Office Administrator

“It was so refreshing to have Erin match my passion for this art collection. I wanted to be involved with everything from frame selection to lighting placement and Erin created a creative environment that allowed for seamless decision-making. The collection is a testament to Erin, Tammy (from the interior design team), and my vision of the space. I am not sure how anyone couldn’t love the final outcome! Additionally, seeing the reception area sculpture up close and from different angles is truly a beautiful experience. I get lost in it and hope that everyone experiences something similar. It was made for the space!”

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