Building Community Through Design at Litmus

The Project

At the email testing and analytics software company Litmus, workplace culture is a top-down operation. The company's CEO & Co-Founder Paul Farnell has set out to build the company he would want to work for -- one that includes a "remote first" policy, 28 days of paid vacation, employee premium Spotify accounts, employer-matched 401(k) plan, stock options, and more.

Following the office's renovation, Litmus called on TurningArt to build a rotating artwork program to keep their space fresh throughout the year. With their belief that independent work is often best done remotely, the office is optimized as a hub for remote employees to come together, collaborate, and socialize. 

From Haley, The Interior Designer

"There is a lot to get done when leading a design renovation, and addressing an existing space always comes with a particular set of challenges. For Litmus, their stunning 360 degree view of the city brought one drawback: a donut- shaped floorplan created by the elevator bank at the center of the building.
Without a true center to the office, our design objective was to create a social center where employees could collaborate, work, and lounge. TurningArt’s service freed up my time to focus on getting all the details just right. The quarterly artwork rotations breathe a dynamic energy into the space that continuously reinforces our design goals in a way that is engaging and authentic."

From Paul, The CEO

"We were referred to TurningArt by T3 Advisors when we were renovating our Cambridge office. TurningArt worked with our designer to create an exhibition style concept for rotating art in the space. Every 4 months, based on our pre-selection from their extensive catalogue, TurningArt installs an entirely new theme of artwork that truly transforms our physical and mental space. They are so easy to work with that my wife and I hired them to outfit some blank walls in our home as well."



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