CBRE's 800 Connecticut Avenue Renovates For The Changing Workplace

The Project

To support the mobility of today's workforce, CBRE's team at 800 Connecticut Avenue in Norwalk, Connecticut embarked on a $7 million capital overhaul. The property is now included in their 5 Star Worldwide program, a new workplace concept designed to feature "standout services, unparalleled tenant events, and activated shared spaces" to create opportunities for tenants to collaborate, interact, and engage within culture-driven environments.

The property management team discovered TurningArt through The Compass, CBRE's internal newsletter that highlights services and partners recommended by the Asset Services division. Once renovations were completeTurningArt came on board to make their new, community-oriented space even more engaging with a collection of eye-catching new artworks that will rotate throughout the year. 

From Mari, the Art Advisor

“The atrium space at 800 Connecticut Avenue really called for something large. With incredible natural light and expansive walls that can be seen from every elevator bank, we needed the art to be bold to carry the volume of the space. We plan to rotate the artwork quarterly, and thanks to the building's neutral palette, there is a fantastic opportunity to experiment with some more radical themes and a variety of media.

During our artwork installation, the bustling lobby really demonstrated the management team's vision to create a more community-oriented space, and we received lots of enthusiastic feedback on the art from passersby. I look forward to seeing how their first rotation later this summer will transform the space, and hope to implement some event programming with artists in the future.”

From Michelle, The Property Manager

“The renovations at 800 Connecticut Avenue leverage the spacious atrium as a hub for tenants to meet, socialize, and relax. We added amenities throughout the space, including a tenant lounge with a bar, games, and expansive table for collaboration, a state-of-the-art conference center, and renovated café. To complement the communal elements of the new space, the artwork needed to be vibrant and engaging. When we brought in TurningArt, we opted for quarterly artwork rotations to update the lobby’s look with each new season. We’re very happy with the first collection and are looking forward to playing up different palettes and genres throughout the year.”

To see more of TurningArt's work on-site, head over to our installation gallery! To learn more about our programs, get in touch with us here!

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