Accentuating Bold Design with Art at Dragon Innovation

The Project

Successfully manufacturing consumer electronics is extremely hard, but Dragon Innovation makes it feel easy by providing their clients with the framework and connections to successfully go from prototype to production. However, curating art that complements their newly designed office space, was something their team of seasoned hardware experts decided they needed help with.

From Renee, the Art Advisor
"During my initial site visit at Dragon Innovation, it was clear that the space was going to dictate the artwork choices. They had recently updated their office space with new design elements like black light fixtures and red and orange accent walls, so it was essential that the art complemented and emphasized their bold and bright design choices.

 When I first walked into their office, I immediately noticed their large windows offering expansive views of the nature outside. The windows act as framed art themselves, so I focused on finding the right balance of artwork that would accentuate the view without overcrowding the wall space."

From Beth, COO

 “To put the finishing touches on our redesign with art, I was happy to defer to the expertise of our Art Advisor. Renee provided us with a wonderful assortment of artworks which we put into TurningArt’s Team Vote tool. With this tool, every member on our team was able to ‘like’ their favorite pieces to help us decide which we’d install in the space. Involving the entire team in the artwork selection process created a really rich experience where everyone felt connected to the final outcome.

Thanks to Renee’s recommendations, our collection really elevates our space by tying together our bold color palette. It looks like our entire office, from the design elements to the artwork, was conceived together, even though it was not!"

To see more of TurningArt's work on-site, head over to our installation gallery. To learn more about our programs, set up a free consultation with an Art Advisor here!


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