Art that Captures the Spirit of a City

The Project

Dyer Brown is an architectural and interiors firm driven by design that specializes in building vibrant, refreshing environments. They were recently tasked with creating a vibrant workspace for an accounting firm’s DC office. TurningArt partnered with Dyer Brown to create an artwork collection that feels unique to Washington, DC and celebrates the city’s diverse population of artists.

From Alyce, the Art Advisor

“I love that this collection is about Washington, DC but doesn't fall into a "tourist trap" aesthetic. We trusted local creatives to capture the ethos of their city on their terms. Even in areas named after world-famous landmarks, our artists expertly borrowed elements from these icons to create subtle references that feel fresh and thoughtful to both DC natives and visitors alike. Ultimately, we built a beautiful art collection that blends harmoniously with Dyer Brown’s interior design language.”

From Charisse Smith, Senior Project Manager

“This project was a consolidation of multiple DC area offices with a goal of creating cohesion and a connection to the local culture. TurningArt was able to seamlessly aid in this task by commissioning custom pieces of art to generate the appropriate wow factor in the high traffic areas of the office. Alyce and her team were able to effortlessly source local talent that authentically showcased the creativity and expertise of DC’s diverse art market. The collection not only adds life to the space but also provides engagement opportunities for story-telling and learning for employees and visitors alike.”


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