Elevating the employee experience at enel x

The Project

As a global business leading the transformation of the energy sector, Enel X deeply values employee happiness, job satisfaction, and a healthy company culture. As part of their recent office renovation and rebranding, Enel X set out to elevate the employee experience and to communicate their commitment to promoting a happy and healthy workplace through design. Working towards this vision, Enel X collaborated with TurningArt to implement a rotating art program in which they seamlessly invite employee feedback on the collection and feature the work of artists within their community.

From Erin, the Art Advisor
"Not only is Enel X a huge proponent of supporting local art, they have always been very in tune with their employee art connections. On several occasions Enel X employees have personally known one of our TurningArtists and requested that their artwork be featured in the office. It is such a joy to have a client that is so dedicated to its employees and to sharing these artist connections.

Working with Alissa, the site coordinator, we were able to maintain a local artistic element, while combining both abstract and representational pieces of art. The stylistic range of artwork spread throughout the office makes each piece of art stand out, while the shared purple color tones allow the artwork to feel like a cohesive collection that coordinates well with their larger design and branding elements.”

From Alissa, the Site Coordinator
"For the 2019 artwork rotation and redesign, I was excited to align our artwork with Enel X’s new branding in a way that was both subtle, but impactful. Picking from local artists, Erin and I found artwork that had hints of the Enel X purple and placed these pieces throughout the office in hallways, conference rooms, and communal spaces, such as the lobby and kitchen areas. Spreading the artwork throughout the three floors of the office achieves our design objectives and allows our employees to engage with the creativity of our local community throughout their workday.”
To see more of TurningArt's work on-site, head over to our installation gallery. To learn more about our programs, set up a free consultation with an Art Advisor here!
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