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The Project

Ensoma is a biotech company that’s expanding the boundaries of genetic medicine. Equipped with breakthrough technology, their goal is to provide fair, accessible, and life-changing medicine to patients across the world. TurningArt worked with local artists who have a direct relationship with the science and medicine world to create a colorful rotating artwork collection designed to inspire.

From Erin, the Art Advisor

“Ensoma transformed an old, traditional Boston building into a state-of-the-art lab space. They were able to keep the building’s quintessential Boston charm though so they wanted to honor the history of the site while balancing the clean white lab space. This provided such a fun contrast to work with and I chose artwork that brought light, energy, and inspiration to the space. They were also passionate about working with local artists who have a tie into the science/medicine world, so I pulled in works from artists like Emily Van Horn, an abstract painter who works with individuals who have experienced trauma and uses art as a way to promote healing.”

From Claire Saulnier, the Operations Manager

"We wanted to bring in art that was colorful, innovative, energetic, and pushed the boundaries of creativity to inspire our culture and environment. We are working on complex science, with a big and bold vision for genetic medicine. Thanks to Erin’s expertise, we were able to tie these ideas together with pieces to reflect that complexity and exude beauty through their bold colors. The artwork brings life and energy to the space, contrasting perfectly with our dark charcoal and brick wall accents. Thanks to TurningArt’s partnership with Garden Street, we also spread plants throughout the office and the pops of green further provide us with the natural and inspiring environment we hoped to create."

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