Expressing Identity Through Art With FogPharma

The Project

FogPharma is a biotech company that aims to develop new medicines for diseases that are currently deemed “undruggable.” Greg Verdine, a chemical biologist at Harvard University, founded the company and is also the CEO of a second biotech company, LifeMine Therapeutics.

Both companies share the same office in Cambridge, Massachusetts and work within related fields, but FogPharma and LifeMine have different brands and individual missions, so it was important that the art selections created synergy between the two companies while recognizing their separate identities.

From Becca, the Art Advisor

"When we began art selections, it was really important to pick a color scheme that nodded to both FogPharma and LifeMine’s brand identities, while also finding a cohesive style to complement the office’s mid-century modern furniture.

Their team made it a priority to select a mix of thought-provoking and science-related pieces to incorporate the work both companies do within the biotech field, and add an energizing, expressive atmosphere to the space.

A key area we addressed was the long, central hallway connecting one side of the office to the common spaces. Everyone passes through it several times per day, so our aim was to create a more colorful and interesting experience through a series of bright, large-scale canvas prints that lead your eye down the corridor."

From Chloe, The Office Administrator 

"The team at FogPharma sees art as the expression of self. As we set out to build an inspiring and innovative company, taking pride in our space and creating a cozy environment was a key priority.

With our designer and architect, we set out to create a modern, sophisticated office that is also minimalistic and free of unnecessary clutter. Though we plan to invest in original art eventually, the ability to lease and rotate prints with TurningArt is the perfect solution as we continue to grow and define our aesthetic, and we've discovered some amazing artists along the way."

To see more of TurningArt's work on-site, head over to our installation gallery. To learn more about our programs, get in touch with us here!

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