Elevating the Office Experience

The Project

FOX Architects recently designed a new office space for BIO, a biotech advocacy association, and were looking to find a company that could seamlessly curate an artwork and accessories program for the space. As a visionary design firm, FOX Architects wanted to find a partner that could assist them logistically while providing elevated artwork that would complement the beautiful office, and TurningArt was able to do just that.

From Becky, the Art Advisor 

“BIO’s office is elegant, marked by bold pops of color amongst a curated collection of modern furniture. It was a dream working with both teams to make our artwork selections tastefully stand out in an already beautiful space. BIO’s team, along with FOX, wanted the art to bring in bright colors and focus on scientific motifs and shapes that supported their new branding without echoing it too closely. So we drew from our network of working artists across the US to find artwork that showcased BIO’s fresh, bright, and optimistic company culture. We also continued the curatorial story through to the smaller details of the space, selecting accessories such as shelf sculptures, books, and beautiful kitchenware that further elevated the office experience.”
From Molly Johnson, Project Designer @ FOX Architects
“Collaborating with TurningArt on the curation of art and accessories for BIO’s new space enriched the design of the space and expressed the client’s mission in a tangible way. One key element that was especially meaningful was the curation of work by artists who are also practicing scientists.

Becky Fisher and Maddie Durso were amazing design partners that fully embraced BIO’s vision and goals and were able to curate a selection of art in a variety of scales, from monumental art pieces to the most delicate accessories. Their work on this project made the design of the space feel truly complete.”

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