The Intersection of Art and Biophilic Design

The Partnership

The psychological value of working in a visually pleasing environment cannot be overlooked when designing the modern-day office. Along with the benefits that artwork provides, research has shown that plants and greenery increase workplace productivity by reducing anxiety, tension, and fatigue. In an effort to further boost workplace wellbeing, TurningArt partnered with Garden Streets, a company full of horticultural experts who create custom plant programs based on your specific needs and location.

From Maddie, Strategic Partnerships Manager

“It is so convenient having Garden Streets as a partner and collaborating with Jen has been nothing but smooth. Garden Streets compliments our artwork programming in a way that allows us to create vibrant and engaging spaces and contribute to the overall wellness of a workplace. Incorporating this kind of thoughtful biophilic design is more important now than ever!”

From Jen Gouldstone, Founder and CEO

So many research studies have proven the wellness benefits of having both artwork and plants in the office. This is why the partnership with TurningArt is so necessary and important for us. Specifically, plants and artwork have a compounding effect when it comes to increasing workplace satisfaction and productivity and now it’s even easier to get lush greenery and beautiful local art in your space. We love the shared vision and partnering with TurningArt in making offices and buildings healthier and happier!"

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