Art as an Agent of Wellness

Art and Healthcare

At some point in your life, no matter how healthy you are, you will end up in a hospital for some reason or another. No matter the level of service that you receive, there are elements of design that add or detract from the quality of your visit and can, in fact, be counterproductive to your healing process. However, healthcare design is changing. Art is less of an afterthought in the design decision-making process as the design community understands and promotes art’s value well beyond its visual appeal. According to a growing body of research, experiencing art lowers both employee and patient stress, increases employee and patient satisfaction, and helps create an ambiance that fosters a sense of comfort. So if you’re going to inevitably spend some time in the hospital, why not do it surrounded by thoughtfully curated art?


Healthcare Design Expo

The Healthcare Design Conference is an event devoted to how the design of responsibly built environments directly impacts the operation, clinical outcomes, and financial success of healthcare facilities. TurningArt will have a booth at this year’s conference in New Orleans from November 3rd-5th to connect with and learn more about art’s role in healthcare design.


From Mari, an Art Advisor at TurningArt
“We are so excited to learn more from industry experts on their approach to and the future of healthcare design, and how art plays an important role in the perceived quality of healthcare spaces. As one of the most noticeable first impressions of any space, art is a vital tool in crafting a positive experience. As architects, designers, healthcare facilities and planning departments integrate artwork into the planning phases of any project, art becomes less of an afterthought and a more powerful agent of wellness. Thoughtful art curation and planning can help create an environment that is healthier for both staff and patients. 

We are very excited for our first healthcare conference and look forward to seeing some of you there! Look for us in booth 630.”

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