Transforming Women's Healthcare Experiences with Herself Health

In collaboration with Herself Health, TurningArt curated artwork tailored specifically for their clinics, with the goal of reshaping the healthcare experience for women. Through the infusion of youthful, bright, and feminine art collections, TurningArt contributed to the creation of spaces within Herself Health clinics that emphasize comfort and healing. From inviting lobbies to tranquil exam rooms, each piece of art was chosen to align with Herself Health's unwavering dedication to providing exceptional patient care.

From Erin, the Art Advisor 

"Herself Health's vision for their clinic locations was centered around creating spaces that exuded warmth and modernity while resonating with their mission of providing exceptional healthcare for women aged 65+. With a focus on personalized care and holistic approaches to improving quality of life, the challenge lay in curating artworks that not only aligned with their vibrant branding but also infused the spaces with a sense of femininity. Collaborating closely with Ana, we selected pieces that spoke to Herself Health's identity - chic yet sophisticated, bright and playful. The result is a carefully curated collection that adds a pop of color and a touch of comfort to each clinic's environment, enhancing the patient experience and contributing to a sense of welcoming. "

From Ana Rimkus, VP of Real Estate at Herself Health

"At Herself Health, patient care is paramount, and we recognize that the healthcare experience extends beyond medical treatment. That's why our partnership with TurningArt has been pivotal in transforming our clinic spaces into sanctuaries of healing. By infusing art into each aspect of our facilities, from the lobbies to the exam rooms, we've created environments that reflect our commitment to exceptional healthcare for women. Each carefully curated artwork fosters solace and inspiration. Through TurningArt's streamlined service, we've seamlessly integrated art into our clinics, ensuring brand consistency while allowing us to focus on delivering personalized care."

To see more of TurningArt's work on-site, head over to our installation gallery. To learn more about our programs, set up a free consultation with an Art Advisor here!
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