Adding Local Flair through Artwork Rotation

The Project

The Jordan Company is a private equity firm with a 40-year track record of investing in, and contributing to, the growth of a wide range of businesses. Having recently moved into their new Chicago office, they needed an artwork program that would complement their new modern space and add a local flair.

From Becca, the Art Advisor

"The Jordan Company had artwork before their move but it was very dated and didn't fit well with their newer, more contemporary office. Their modernized office conveyed a fresher aesthetic and the art needed to highlight this new office design. As a company committed to staying at the forefront of institutional knowledge, together Lisa (a Partner at the firm) and I chose sophisticated and trendy artwork that appropriately reflects their company ethos. Particularly, we chose works that incorporate color and vibrancy into the office while simultaneously nodding to their Chicago location."

From Lisa Ondrula, Partner & Co-Head of the Operations Management Group

“When we moved into our new space, we were in need of artwork for the reception area and conference rooms. Initially, we were interested in purchasing art but TurningArt’s rotation program seemed like a better opportunity to feature more local artists, while also offering us the opportunity to periodically create a fresh look with new art. Working with Becca was effortless and we quickly decided on works with a modern and clean look. I particularly enjoyed the paintings of Chicago artist Ingrid Dohm, so we decided to feature three of her works in our reception area. Our initial rotation turned out so well and I’m looking forward to seeing what our next rotations have in store."


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