Enriching Underutilized Space with Dynamic Murals

The Project

Longfellow Real Estate strives to create modern collaborative workspaces with bold interiors and plentiful amenities in order to create enriching experiences that befit today’s class A tenant. Their latest project, Cambridge Park Drive, is an office complex located within the Greater Boston Area that they are significantly improving. As a part of this transformation, TurningArt partnered with Longfellow to create five individual murals located in the lobby and restaurant spaces throughout the property.

From Alyce, the Art Advisor

"The goal for this expansive mural project was to create five completely different murals that were loosely tied with a central theme in order to help activate the underutilized spaces and invite socialization during and after the business day. While being beautiful stand-alone pieces, each mural conveys a sense of movement, mimicking how tenants move throughout that specific space. The murals are the centerpiece in every space they occupy but never appear overbearing, instead we worked closely with the artists to ensure that their works supported both the focused and lively activities that may happen in the space."

From Tom Congoran, the Senior Project Manager

"At Longfellow art is one of the most central aspects of our unique approach to real estate development because it has the power to amplify the experience of a space, promote the intended ethos of an environment, and build a sense of community. Working with Alyce and TurningArt, a company that, like us, understands and champions the transformative powers of art was a true pleasure. The murals work so well in each of their spaces and the designs beautifully enhance the interior and exterior experience of the building."

To see more of TurningArt's work on-site, head over to our installation gallery. To learn more about our programs, set up a free consultation with an Art Advisor here!

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