Atmospheric Artwork Highlighting the Pacific Northwest

The Project

As a wealth management company, Merriman helps its clients to invest wisely and live fully. They were looking for a way to outfit each of their three offices with artwork that complemented the individual personality and location of each space but still felt like a cohesive collection between all offices. TurningArt helped accomplish this goal by providing artwork from local artists that referenced the natural beauty of the pacific northwest. Featured here is one of those locations.

From Erin, the Art Advisor

"The artistic vision for Merriman was to provide an uplifting and inspiring collection that emphasized growth. In order to accomplish this goal I leveraged TurningArt’s team vote software to ensure that every employee's voice was heard in the art curation phase. From this vote, I found that there was a strong desire to highlight the local surroundings in a way that felt unique. Through our extensive network of artists, we landed on a collection of both originals and prints from local artists that subtly pointed to the surrounding landscape and the theme of growth. The artwork feels atmospheric, airy, and imaginative. I love the way the pieces flow together and offer something new at every turn. It feels like you're being guided through a visual journey from the moment you enter the space."

From Abby Obermiller, the Director of Client Services

From start to finish, the artwork selection process was both fun and thoughtful. The art is warm and refreshing with lots of rust orange, deep blues, and pops of greens that beautifully complement the rich leather furniture, charcoal paint, natural wood, and lush greenery that is spread throughout our office. Our team loved the local art that Erin provided and, since installing the collection, we have been to one artist’s local shows and welcomed another on-site to view his work in person. It is wonderful to find a company like TurningArt that celebrates the power of connection between both people and place. 

To see more of TurningArt's work on-site, head over to our installation gallery. To learn more about our programs, set up a free consultation with an Art Advisor here!

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