Modern Finance Meets Modern Design at Ritholtz Wealth Management

The Project

New York-based Ritholtz Wealth Management recently relocated to a new floor at 24 West 40th Street. The company envisioned a cohesive, sophisticated design for their new office, which is frequented by their clients. As a result, the design of their space is sleek and minimal, highlighted by concrete floors and glass offices, and matched with the clean lines of mid-century modern furnishings. 

TurningArt partnered with Ritholtz after the company announced their move and collaborated with management to hone their artistic vision into a rotating collection of works that reflect their brand and location in New York City, and complement the office's modern atmosphere. 

From Becky, the Art Advisor

“As the space was being designed, it was very important to Ritholtz that the artwork reflected the company’s mission to be a forward-thinking firm with a modern approach to financial planning. Since the layout of the office is open and industrial, we decided that large painterly pieces would stand out most effectively. I recommended pieces with natural elements as a nod to Bryant Park, which can be seen from the windows. The modern painted works also echo the mid-century design of the space, and facilitates a gallery feel. Barry Ritholtz, the founder of the company, had worked with a political cartoonist on a magazine cover that exemplified an article he authored, and we were able to frame and install the piece in the collection which added a unique, personal touch to the collection.”

From Kris Venne, Director of Wealth Management

"Moving a business into a new space is complicated enough and TurningArt helped make our new space look awesome without us taking the time to search for, purchase, and then frame artwork. We're looking forward to the new artwork next year!"

To see more of TurningArt's work on-site, head over to our installation gallery. To learn more about our programs, set up a free consultation with an Art Advisor here!




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