Designing for a Growing Office at O3 World

The Project

O3 World is a Philadelphia-based digital product design and development agency that is rapidly growing. After outgrowing their previous office, O3 World started the process of expanding their space.

As the company continues to grow, it is important for O3 World to invest in their workspace and establish a creative environment that their employees can enjoy.
From Becca, the Art Advisor

“O3 World’s new office space is located in a repurposed warehouse that has been beautifully renovated, but still contains the charm of the building's history through classic industrial touches. Elements like exposed brick and piping create a contemporary-industrial vibe that made the space really exciting to work with; you can even find some of the original metal peaking through the drywall.

With the flexibility of of our lease-and-rotation program, O3 World can continue to support their local art community through a curated collection that evolves with them as their space and team continue to grow.

The collection that O3 chose for their first installation was a wonderful assortment of local Philadelphia imagery, industrial-inspired mixed media, and abstract works nodding to themes of expansion and growth.

From Jackie, the Office Manager

"Our team wanted the office to feel comfortable and cared for, but we also wanted to avoid investing time and money in tailoring an art collection for a space that’s expected to change as our company grows.

With TurningArt’s lease & rotation program, our art advisor curated a beautiful collection to complement the design of our current space, which we can then choose to keep, swap, or expand in the next space. We were also thrilled to learn that, if the time comes to move, TurningArt will pack up, deliver, and re-install the art in our new office.

From start to finish, TurningArt has been a perfect fit for our needs: a full-service program, a curated collection of local artwork, and built-in lease-and-rotation to provide flexibility so that our art can evolve with our space.”

To see more of TurningArt's work on-site, head over to our installation gallery. To learn more about our programs, set up a free consultation with an Art Advisor here!



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