Celebrating the Local Landscape with Office Evolution

The Project

From desks to offices, to entire headquarters, Office Evolution creates environments of productivity, innovation, and connection for small business owners and remote workers nationwide. TurningArt recently formed a partnership with Office Evolution to create customizable artwork programs for their office spaces all across the US. The artwork in each office is tailored specifically to that location’s needs and aesthetic direction while pulling in elements from Office Evolution’s branding to create a unified color palette across office spaces.

From Becca, the Art Advisor

I really enjoyed working with the San Antonio franchise owner Brian and his wife Nerrida. They were passionate about creating a space where people would want to be and were excited to bring in artwork that would enhance the welcoming atmosphere. Our partnership with Office Evolution made selecting the right pieces for their San Antonio space super easy. Looking at a wide selection of works from our pre-approved Office Evolution catalog, we quickly landed on an artistic style that fit their vision and pulled in elements from the surrounding landscape. I love the color and flavor of the artwork that the Kosters selected."

From Brian Koster, Franchise Owner
“Coming into this project, we knew we wanted a local Texas look for our office without being too obvious or cliché. TurningArt provided us with a selection of contemporary works that made our space feel authentically Texas while also aligning with our brand color palette of oranges and blues. We ended up loving the pop graphic and painterly-style works that Becca provided us, so we were sure to incorporate several of those works into the office. The collection is fun and organic, successfully bringing the Texas landscape indoors with blue skies, flower fields, and all different species of cacti and succulents. We couldn’t be happier with how easy it was to get beautiful art into our space."
To see more of TurningArt's work on-site, head over to our installation gallery. To learn more about our programs, set up a free consultation with an Art Advisor here!
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