Designing for Resiliency

The Project

The new Headquarters for the Oregon State Treasury is located in a building built to withstand calamity. Sitting on “base isolators” that can drastically reduce the shaking of an earthquake, the building has the capability of going completely off the grid if necessary. TurningArt collaborated with the Oregon State Treasury to create an artwork program designed to capture the ethos of this building and delight its inhabitants and visitors.

From Helen, the Art Advisor

“This building provided us with the perfect canvas to work with. The finishes used throughout the building greatly inspired me and provided the perfect color palette that celebrates Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. Cool greens and blues are incorporated throughout the collection to further elevate the clean architectural elements. Additionally, we quickly latched on to the theme of resiliency within the print collection, picking pieces with strong lines as a throughline within the overall aesthetic. The result is a very thoughtful artwork collection that feels as timeless as the building itself.”

From Byron Williams, Chief Administrative Officer

“As a state institution, it is important for us to have an office where local artists and the state of Oregon are well represented. We wanted to showcase a diversity of talent and TurningArt felt like the perfect fit to accomplish this goal. Helen and her team expertly curated a variety of photographs and paintings ranging in style from representational to abstract that beautifully encapsulate Oregon’s character. Additionally, in our public-facing areas, we plan to promote more local artists in the future by leveraging TurningArt’s artwork rotation service. While this building may be here forever, we want the artwork to remain fresh.”


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