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Creating a Buzzworthy Experience Through Local Art in Red Hat's hidden Speakeasy

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The Project

As one of the world’s leading providers in IT solutions, Red Hat's Boston office is a fittingly sleek and industrial space, infused with thoughtful design elements that reflect the company's unique brand and culture. 

Within their seemingly straight-forward office layout, tucked behind a secret door, you'll find a small speakeasy space that the team uses for social occasions and company events. To make the design of this lively space match it's function, Red Hat turned to TurningArt to install a rotating collection of original paintings that features the work of local student TurningArtists.

From Jordan, the Art Advisor

“It is always exciting to work with a company that wants to collaborate with and support local artists. Red Hat works hard to assist emerging artists at Boston University and for this rotation they decided to go with three original works from Tanner Gauvin, an artist from BU we had worked with previously in this space. Tanner’s work compliments their unique environment with forms that are modern and geometric, yet simultaneously colorful and vibrant. I find it so motivating when our clients start to form connections with our artists that build into long lasting, beneficial relationships. It’s a pleasure working with the professional team over at Red Hat and I look forward to many more art rotations to come.”

From Thomas, the Program and Office Administrator  

“Our company operates at the intersection of technology and humanity, and we want our art to reflect just that. Fortunately, through working with TurningArt we've been able to realize our vision of having a beautifully curated space which simultaneously reflects our company values and supports local artists.

TurningArt rotates artwork in the speakeasy every 6 months, and they never fail to deliver a stellar installation. We recently completed our third rotation, but we loved our last installation so much that we requested new paintings by the same local artist, Tanner Gauvin. We just love how Tanner’s style works in our space, and his new pieces have brought in a fresh energy. As always, we look forward to our next rotation!”

To see more of TurningArt's work on-site, head over to our installation gallery. To learn more about our programs, set up a free consultation with an Art Advisor here!

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