Enriching Spaces with Dynamic Artwork Installations

The Project

Longfellow Real Estate Partners has made it their goal to deliver tenants an experience that reaches far beyond the status quo, collaborating with TurningArt to create beautiful artwork collections across the country. Longfellow recently completed an amenities center for their Redwood Life property near San Fransisco and, as part of the finishing touches to this Elevate space, local artwork was a must.

From Helen, the Art Advisor

“The artistic direction of this collection was centered around the themes: Enrich, Impact, and Inspire. We chose a mix of painterly and photographic abstractions of nature that vary from dynamic movement-driven compositions to meditative contemplations. We paid particularly close attention to the function of each space throughout the building and tailored the artwork to complement the intended function of each room. For me, Mona Caron’s mural is the focal point of this collection and theme. Her artistic practice of painting local "weeds" really spoke to the team so she depicted the indigenous Datura plant in full bloom growing up a wall adjacent to their cafe.”

From Simran Atwal, Marketing Manager at LFREP

“Given our nationwide partnership with TurningArt, I immediately knew who to turn to for artwork that would set the right tone for tenants who used this space. Using their gallery page to vote on key aesthetics, Helen and I quickly aligned on the style we wanted. The beauty of TurningArt is that I can truly trust the artistic vision of their artists and staff to create an authentic art collection that resonates with tenants and perfectly fits the space. The result is a gorgeous selection of pieces that help support the life and energy found in the amenity center. I am looking forward to subsequent art rotations so we can continue to showcase local talent.”

To see more of TurningArt's work on-site, head over to our installation gallery. To learn more about our programs, set up a free consultation with an Art Advisor here!



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