Rotating Art Coast to Coast with TechSpace

The Project

TechSpace, a provider of office and coworking spaces, works with TurningArt to build rotating artwork collections in locations across their portfolio, from coast to coast. Within an expanding and competitive industry, TechSpace sets themselves apart with their commitment to bring the best in tech connectivity within buzzing, creatively-charged environments. In this spirit, TechSpace and TurningArt have set out to engage and entertain members through artwork, giving voice to each location, with every rotation.

From Mari, The Art Advisor

"Having worked with TechSpace on multiple projects, I’ve really gotten to know their distinct style, and it is always fun to collaborate on each rotation. As their member community evolves, we've been able to note which styles and artists have been popular from previous collections to inform the next. We most recently installed at the redesigned Union Square location where the furniture and fixtures are modern and simple, allowing the art to really add personality to the space. They certainly like to change things up with each rotation, but the TechSpace spirit of light, fun, smart humor is present throughout each collection."

From Brendan McGee, Vice President at TechSpace

"As TechSpace expands to new locations, we are always excited to find services and solutions that can be used across our network. In overseeing both new and currently-operating locations, being able to rely on a single artwork provider has proven a huge convenience.  Plus, since TurningArt services clients and represents artists nationally, I know that wherever our next space pops up, finding artwork won't be a problem. The positive member feedback we receive with each artwork rotation only reinforces the reasons we choose to work with TurningArt."

To see more of TurningArt's work on-site, head over to our installation gallery. To learn more about our programs, get in touch with us here!

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