Exploring the Cultural History of San Francisco

The Project

You can find a little bit of everything in San Francisco, from Chinatown to the Mission Arts District to Haight-Ashbury each neighborhood brings its own culture, style, and architecture to the city, adding to its eclectic nature. Perhaps further contributing to San Francisco’s broad architectural style, the modern office space of a top accounting firm is located downtown. Recently, TurningArt partnered with this firm to create an extensive artwork collection that would visually capture the unique charm of each neighborhood in San Francisco.


From Mari, the Art Advisor

“Our client had a strong interest in supporting local artists who could tell a story about San Francisco through their works. We selected several local artists for this project who not only created beautiful pieces of art but also reflected the diversity found in the city and the employee community. It was a pleasure working with all the artists throughout this project. They were a thoughtful and very talented group: easily able to collaborate with the key stakeholders and communicate their artistic vision. Ultimately, we were able to create an outstanding artwork collection that pulled in a wide variety of texture, color, and style, accurately reflecting San Francisco’s broad culture and history."


From Zai, an Artist
As an artist living in San Francisco, I was delighted to be tapped to contribute to this project. I wanted to create a series of works that would explore some of the many facets of California’s rich cultural history. Hidden amongst the abstract shapes and patterns are recognizable landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge, Coit Tower, the Transamerica Pyramid, and the California poppy. Less obvious motifs and symbols include Ohlone shell mounds, to honor the unceded Indigenous territory we currently occupy. The pink triangle, to honor San Francisco’s history of LGBTQ and AIDS activism. Railroad tracks, to recognize the labor of Chinese immigrants who built much of the state’s early infrastructure. And rows of crops, to acknowledge the Latinx farmworkers who grow our food. I'm a paper sculpture artist, and I work in an all-white color palette in order to provide a quiet, calm respite from an overstimulating world. By folding, pleating, or rolling sheets of white paper, I create intricate patterns of light and shadow."
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