Bold Murals Bring Life to a San Diego Property

The Project

The SOVA Science District campus is a key part of the life science cluster thriving in and around San Diego’s Sorrento Valley. Throughout the past year, Longfellow, a world-class real estate firm that helps life sciences and other innovative organizations flourish, has transformed the campus by adding innovative lab space, offices, and amenity areas. TurningArt partnered with Longfellow to create a mural art program designed to activate the exterior courtyard space for work, relaxation, and play.

From Alyce, the Art Advisor

“Longfellow truly understands that artwork is an essential amenity and invests in their local art community to bring value to their properties. We presented Longfellow with a wide variety of local talent in order to help settle on an aesthetic direction that would express the ethos of the region and fit the goals of the overall program. Together, we quickly settled on three artists to design six murals that all incorporated local vegetation into their designs, ensuring a diverse but cohesive collection that highlighted the surrounding area.”

From Sarah Meiners, Marketing Manager
“We put complete trust into the creative process of each artist and couldn’t be happier with how all six murals turned out! Our goal was to create a unique, hyper-local mural collection that would transform the property and elevate it beyond the status quo, and TurningArt helped us do just that. The presence of the local artist community is truly felt across the campus. Bold, fresh, and locally inspired concepts now ignite the outdoor spaces, promoting more people to get outside and take advantage of all the amenities the property has to offer.”
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